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We are constantly updating our online store with products ranging from power supplies, laptop batteries, motherboards, cellular batteries and much more. Our new online store is currently being extended with an extensive product line for you.

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Need a reliable source with hundreds of products for computer upgrades, replacements or repair, you'll receive discounts on repeated purchases.
Marketplace Computers was born from a varity of reasons. We got sick and tired of being charged extensive commssion fees from auction sites. In order to stay in business, those expenses has to be factored into the product pricing of our items. We reliezed the relationship was between our customers and our company and no on else. Why should we pay for the extensive fees auction sites charge and then have to pass it along to our customers, when they dont do anything? Well we said enough and created MarketPlace Computers so our customers can get even better pricing on our product line of computer hardware parts & accessories.
We're all about giving our customers the widest selecton of comptuer hardware for their computer, notebook, tablets, or phones at way below our retail competitors.
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The next great venture into the world of great prices and wide selection!
We welcome computer professionals, repair facilities, small to large business and the internet community.
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